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Kickin’ It with Stoughton

Tired of hitting the books? Try hitting something else for a while. Blow off some steam with two hours of kickboxing instruction from Prof. Seth Stoughton, a former professional martial artist. You and up to nine friends will strap on the provided hand wraps and learn the fundamentals of movement, basic punches and kicks, and exciting combinations in a safe, controlled environment. You’ll practice your moves on hand-pads and heavy bags—not on each other—and you’ll almost certainly get some great selfies for that new Law School Ninja Instagram page you’ve been thinking about. No experience necessary and all fitness levels welcome. (Minimum four people; time and place are flexible.)

Pub Trivia…With the Champs.

For two years, Professors Richardson and Davis have come out victorious in their auction trivia.  This year, they are adding two ringers to their team.  Introducing Professors Gupta-Kagan and Zug! Can your team beat them?  There is only one way to find out.  Put together a team of 4 and take on the champs.

We will field a team and the winning bidders will join us for a trivia night at a local pub. We will pay the entrance fee, and buy drinks and appetizers. We will also offer special prizes if we are beaten by the students, this will possibly include a free on call pass, in class treats or perhaps the option to chose an outfit for us.  The options are potentially limitless