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The Moore Sports and Tailgating Extravaganza

Gary Moore is a big USC fan, who has season tickets to USC Football and USC Women’s Basketball.  Dean Moore is donating his two season tickets to three USC Women’s Basketball games (located in Section 115, Row 11, seats 5 and 6) AND a $50 gift certificate to Thirsty Fellow.  The games have been pre selected.  You can watch the Lady Gamecocks take on Auburn, Vanderbilt and Kentucky.

And just so you know, his women’s basketball tickets are located right next to Judi Gatson, WIS-10 TV news anchor.  So maybe you can be on the news too.


Battle of the Brains 2.0

In class, it is their job to ask you questions and your job to get them right…but how good are they when the playing field is even, and you, are arguably better practiced at answering tough questions is that enough?

6 lucky teams will have the opportunity to sign up in the silent auction.  The Live Auction is where the last two teams will face their first battle.   Do you think you can make the cut?  Professors Nelson, Raj, Polavarapu, Kuo and Milligan think they can win it all.

And to make sure they have an extra advantage, they will feed you and provide tasty libations.