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Be Tutored by the Tutor (non-law school edition)

In the list of great artists, certain names come up again and again:  Picasso.  Pollack.  O’Keefe.  Ruskell.  Schmidt.  Spend the evening with Director of Academic Success and Bar Preparation Alex Ruskell and law alumnus Scott Schmidt at Studio Cellar in the Vista.  We’ll paint paintings and drink.  Create your masterpiece!  Up to three students on the date of your choice.

A Print From the Gutenberg Press – and Signed by the Framers?

Well, not quite. But close. Professor Lad Boyle, who as a hobby owns and works with historic printing presses, offers an original Law School Class of 2017 print. The print is already signed by members of the Law School faculty. It’s a unique piece of law school memorabilia that would fit well next to your diploma (that’s something you can’t buy.)  (Also available for the Class of 2018 and the Class of 2019.)