Be Tutored by the Tutor (non-law school edition)

In the list of great artists, certain names come up again and again:  Picasso.  Pollack.  O’Keefe.  Ruskell.  Schmidt.  Spend the evening with Director of Academic Success and Bar Preparation Alex Ruskell and law alumnus Scott Schmidt at Studio Cellar in the Vista.  We’ll paint paintings and drink.  Create your masterpiece!  Up to three students on the date of your choice.

Battle of the Brains 2.0

In class, it is their job to ask you questions and your job to get them right…but how good are they when the playing field is even, and you, are arguably better practiced at answering tough questions is that enough?

6 lucky teams will have the opportunity to sign up in the silent auction.  The Live Auction is where the last two teams will face their first battle.   Do you think you can make the cut?  Professors Nelson, Raj, Polavarapu, Kuo and Milligan think they can win it all.

And to make sure they have an extra advantage, they will feed you and provide tasty libations.