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Pizza and Pinot at Terra

Professors Baker and Leonardi will host dinner for 4 students at Terra in West Columbia for Pinot and Pizza on a mutually-convenient Wednesday evening during the spring.  If you haven’t been to Terra yet, you are in for a treat.  Not only will you enjoy exceptional food and drink, you will also have the opportunity for in-depth discussion about your most burning LRAW questions.

Pub Trivia…With the Champs.

For two years, Professors Richardson and Davis have come out victorious in their auction trivia.  This year, they are adding two ringers to their team.  Introducing Professors Gupta-Kagan and Zug! Can your team beat them?  There is only one way to find out.  Put together a team of 4 and take on the champs.

We will field a team and the winning bidders will join us for a trivia night at a local pub. We will pay the entrance fee, and buy drinks and appetizers. We will also offer special prizes if we are beaten by the students, this will possibly include a free on call pass, in class treats or perhaps the option to chose an outfit for us.  The options are potentially limitless

Evening of Durians!

Evening of Durians!
The durian, “King of the Fruits,” is so stinky that Bangkok and Singapore ban it from their trains. Fortunately, its taste is as good as its smell is bad. To reach the delicious fruit, you first need to cut through what looks like a thorny watermelon in a process that evokes birthing an alien. If you’ve never tried one, now is your chance! Professor Bryant Walker Smith will invite the winning group (up to eight people) to his home, where everyone will get to see, smell, prepare, eat, and take home the notorious/amazing durian.durian (1)